About Us

CLEaRS system is not another READ ONLY learning system, it is a well tested, one of a kind self-learning system that evaluates the RETAINED knowledge of the students real time and then help them to fill up the FORGOTTEN OR NON-UNDERSTOOD KNOWLEDGE. It has a 3- step doubt clearing remedial learning process which is innovative and effective.

CLEaRS creates a personal home screen of each student for showing the individual performance in bar graphs.

The home screens itself is another handy tool for the students, as well as for the guardians to be aware of the real-time knowledge status of their children and help make the next remedial study plans with CLEaRS. Thus student can prepare for the HS / NEET / JEE (Main and Advance) proactively.

CLEaRS system has been developed with the collaboration of an American educational outfit. It took almost 12 years to perfect the system after the assessment feedback from the teachers of Narendrapur Ramkrishna Mission, Kendriya Vidyalaya.

Students are abound to perform better and get higher ranks; EduClears Company gives a money back guarantee when students use the system as instructed.