How CLEaRS makes Self-Learning Easy?

Remedial learning cannot be done without Assessment. CLEaRS has two components for the Self-Learning easy, and meaningful.

a) Assessment:
The proprietary technology of CLEaRS makes the assessment process fast and meaningful with itemized and easy to understand reports showing the strengths and weaknesses. Thus student can make priority of what to study. The self-assessment is done in minutes, as and when students need it. 

b) Remedial Doubt Clearing:
Student can start doubt clearing remedial study after the assessment. CLEaRS has unique 3-step doubt clearing technique to explain the Concepts related with the test questions. 

Thus students get two benefits of self-assessment and remedial learning with one effort.

There are two ways any job can be done

  1. Have it done
  2. Self-help

Some students incorrectly think that the teachers can make them learn and remember everything at the time of the final exams... Unfortunately it does not work when the matter comes for learning!  

Thinking of outsourcing self-learning is like being physically fit without workout, like becoming a professional athlete without practice or being a surgeon without operating on the patient.

Students can learn maximum 60% of the total learning from the teachers, rest they have to do on their own.  No student can do well academically without every day self-study.

CLEaRS makes the Self-Learning easier so that students don’t need to work hard but get better result. It is a smarter way of getting better results.

CLEaRS is a meaningful, challenging and result oriented self-learning aid.