What is CLEaRS Learning System?

What class of students CLEaRS System is made for:

CLEaRS is made for XI-XII (Sc), all Board Exams, NEET, JEE (Main & Advance), CET and all college entrance examinations in India. CLEaRS is popular among the NEET / JEE repeater candidates for Self-Study, Test and Doubt clearing sitting at home.

What is CLEaRS:

CLEaRS (Computerized Learning, Evaluation and Remedial System) is an additional Self-Learning System

Why Self-Learning while getting school and coaching education?

Some students and guardians have the misconception that complete education can be achieved only from school and coaching education. Therefore, they don’t need any additional self-learning.

Reality is, student cannot comprehend and retain 100% what they learn from the teachers. Students have learning gaps due to not understanding the concepts or forgotten after a while.

Even very good students cannot retain more than 60%. They study few hours every day to make up the remaining 40% deficiencies.

Since the 40% learning gaps are mixed with the known and unknown in the student’s knowledge pool; without knowing WHAT TO STUDY and WHAT NOT TO, students study entire chapter and waste their valuable time.

CLEaRS will make the Self-Learning process easier by pointing out WHAT TO STUDY. Thus CLEaRS makes the self-learning easier and targeted. Moreover, CLEaRS has a huge knowledge tutorial linked with the wrong answers so that student can doubt clear study immediately to fulfill the knowledge gaps. Thus student can manage and save time while preparing for the high ranks.

What it contains?

Beside evaluation Modes, CLEaRS contains a massive storehouse of science knowledge (PCMB) of Higher Secondary Syllabus needed for all kinds of Board and Professional College Entrance Exams of India. Beside, the vast knowledge content, CLEaRS has 80,000 MCQ (Multiple Choice Question). All the questions are linked with Concept and doubt clearing answers. CLEaRS also gives over 100 animations to illustrate difficult concepts. Total contents of CLEaRS are equivalent to 25 textbooks.

However, there is basic difference between CLEaRS Self-Learning Learning contents and the text book; CLEaRS has the smart interactivity logic to understand the level and the knowledge requirements WHAT TO STUDY

CLEaRS is made

a) Online (Computer, Tablet, Smart Phone with internet connection)
b) Pen Drive and DVD (Computer without internet connection)